American Wirehair Cat Temperament and Lifespan

The intelligent and aristocratic American Wirehair impresses with its impeccable behavior and ruggedness. These kitties have good health, hardy nature, and thanks to the skill and good reaction are considered to be excellent hunters. So often pussycat brings a host a gift in the form of a mouse that it has caught.

American Wirehair likes to lie on the couch and watch what is happening in the world. These kitties don't do mess around the house and turn everything upside down like some other breeds. They are friendly and love both people and animals. They are quick to make friends with children and will be tolerant of other pets if you have them. These kitties gladly accept care towards them and meet the boundless affection and tenderness. They love sitting on the knees of their master and tighten purring melody. As for the life expectancy, it has been reported to live about 7-12 years.

How Much Does a American Wirehair Cat Cost and Price Range

If you have chosen American Wirehair as your pet, then you should know that the price for this cat varies depending on the breeder and the place you are going to buy it. It also can vary depending on sex as the female cats are usually more expensive. The average price for the kitten is $500-$1200.

The show quality kitten is always more expensive than ordinary pet quality cats. That's why you should decide what aim you have before buying the cat.

American Wirehair Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

You can see various colors of this breed. They are white, blue, cream, red, platinum, fawn, chestnut, chinchilla, seal, silver, golden, brown, cameo, bluecream, tortoiseshell. The coat is very pleasant to touch, it can be short or of medium length. The coat of the American Wirehair looks like the coat of the American Shorthair with the only difference- the crimped texture. The weight of these cats is about 15-16 pounds. It is really powerful and has well-developed muscles.

American Wirehair Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

American Wirehair can be called a product of a gene mutation. The wiry coat has appeared only in the USA. In 1966, a red tabby and white male were born in the litter of an American Shorthair breed. The unusual coat was the reason of showing the cat to Joan O'Shea, who bought it for $50 and decided to try to reproduce it with the help of interbreeding with the American Shorthairs.

In 1978 The American Wirehair was fully recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. Nowadays genetic diversity is maintained by outcrossing it to American Shorthairs.