Birman Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Birman cat has an incomparable elegant appearance. Sacred Burmese cat combines Persian and Siamese cats, having its own incomparable appearance. The body of a sacred Burma is of medium size with elegant head. It all makes perfect harmony: the bright spots on the skin, symmetrical legs stand on dark white gloves, coat is extremely light and silky, elongating around the neck it creates a chic collar, a ponytail looks like a light and voluminous feather.

The breed of sacred Burmese cat appeared not accidentally. This is the result of the work of breeders who have invested a lot of time and effort in order to maintain and consolidate the external signs of sacred Burma. The hallmark of Burmese cat - unique original gloves and a Roman nose. Gloves in this beautiful impeccably are clean white in color and have a certain height.The main advantage of the sacred Burmese cat is a special character and charm. They are curious, intelligent, playful. They are always very close and like to be praised. They also get along with children great and easy to get along with other kinds of animals. Sacred Burma becomes a family member and participates in all events. According to the reports these cats live about 12-16 years.

How Much Does a Birman Cat Cost and Price Range

If you have $400-$600 this amount of money will be enough for buying such a great cat as Birman. It is the average price for the ordinary pedigree cat. But the top quality kitten can cost a bit more. The price depends on the breeder and the country where you are going to purchase this cat.

Birman Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Burmese cats are large long-haired animals with Siamese type coat color, but with white paws. They weigh 4-7 kilos. There are the following colors: Golden cream fur, white gloves, blue eyes. Mask, ears, tail and paws are black and brown.

Blue Point: like a seal point, but with a gray-blue mask, ears, tail and paws.

Lila Point: mask, ears, tail and paws are pearl gray.

Chocolate Point: mask, ears, tail and paws are of brown color.

Birman Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

It is possible that the name of the cat is associated with the legend. First, its representatives may have lived in Burma in the golden age of Lao Tzu under the auspices of the Grand Lama Buddhists. As with other cats, Burmese revered as a deity and held for oracle.

Most likely Burmese cats is the result of cross-breeding of Siamese cats, and other species of two-color long-haired cats.

Cats of the Burmese breed began to grow even in France in the XX century, and in 1925 the breed was first recognized. Soon there was a great variety of breeds in Germany. But the most widespread Burmese became in the US, where the breed was introduced in 1959. This is one of the few cats imported to England from the USA, and not vice versa. This happened in 1965.