Cheetoh Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Amateurs-enthusiasts, who were engaged in breeding of this cat, were interested in creating a pet that will be similar to the wild cheetahs. In 2001 the first development took place and the result was successful. With the original title of cats it has become clear that the cat of the breed Cheetoh has its own genetic fund with the cheetah characteristics. You must agree that the name "cheetoh" has quite a similarity to "cheetah", that is, the name of cheetahs. In fact, representatives of the Bengal and Ocicat breeds took part in the interbreeding of the species Cheetoh. The lifespan of the cat is about 15-16 years.

How Much Does a Cheetoh Cat Cost and Price Range

These cats are not very cheap as they are really great. You should have not less than $800 to be able to look for the kitten of this breed as the average price is $800-$1000. The price will depend on the breeder and the quality of the pet. Check if there are no any health issues and the documents proving the pedigree of your cat.

Cheetoh Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Cats themselves were selected very carefully, because the purpose of the experiment was not easy. Pets have these characteristics: a medium-sized, round head, with pronounced cheekbones and sharp little ears; the body of the cats is long enough; legs are long and muscular; eyes, as a rule, are incredibly beautiful, large, expressive, with a keen look of greenish or pale blue.

Externally pets have unrealistic similarities with their distant relatives: the original, spotted the coat color, has a medium-sized black or dark gray spots (which really resembles cheetahs). Hairs are short, cover all the body abundantly. And from their ancestors Ocicats by which Cheetoh were born, they adopted the unique gait, pets are able to sneak up very quietly, that most typical of the wild animals rather than pets. They weight from 15 to 23 pounds.

Cheetoh Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

They behave very gentle and responsive. Owners of such pets are completely satisfied, before you do anything cats necessarily deliberate act and can ask permission. Behavior of Cheetoh is more than satisfactory, and most cats behave more like a dog, then a cat.

Male cats behave quite unusual for representatives of the cats, cats have paternal instincts, they are always ready to take care of their own kids.

Representatives of this breed possess incredible intelligence, calm temperament and does not require special care. Cheetoh are quite unique and original cats.