Sakhalin Husky Temperament and Lifespan

Sakhalin Husky is the name of one of the rare breeds of sled dogs. As the name implies, it is named after the Sakhalin Island, in the Japanese version - Karafuto.

Sakhalin Husky is characterized by a high intellect, devotion to the master, courage, and high endurance, calm nature. The dogs of this breed rarely demonstrate shyness. The lifespan of the dog is usually about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Sakhalin Husky Cost and Price Range

As for the price, you should be ready to pay about $1000-$1500 for such a beauty as Sakhalin Husky. The price may vary a bit depending on the breeder and the place you are going to buy your puppy.

Sakhalin Husky Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Sakhalin Husky is powerful, they are even stronger than the Alaskan Husky. A dog with strong skeleton legs which adapted to a variety of soil and snow. Sakhalin Husky has a very dense undercoat. The breed has a certain similarity with the Japanese Spitz, Large German Spitz, Japanese Akita, a dense and warm undercoat of Sakhalin huskies is common to Greenland dogs.

Dogs of this breed are really strong and well-built. Their height at withers is 56-66 cm and weight is 30-40 kg. Coat color is diverse: there are black, as well as black and white dogs, and a rare and highly valued in the past "tabby" color, you can also meet various shades of red.

Sakhalin Husky Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Most popular this breed was in the 50s of the twentieth century thanks to one incident that occurred in Antarctica with a Japanese expedition. One day it caught up with the incredible snow storm, and people were forced to evacuate, with 15 sled dogs in Antarctica had to leave. It failed to send in their quest a year later. Rescuers were greatly surprised to find the two alive dogs from the teams that were able to survive in the Antarctic ice.

For a while they even became national heroes of Japan. Today Sakhalin Huskies - are very rare. They are bred only by truly loyal breed breeders of Japan that seek to save species from extinction.