Tips On Choosing The Right Sterling Silver Pendants

Nowadays, women are offered to choose from a great variety of different ornaments, however, sterling silver pendants are really worth attention of each modern lady. If you like wearing sterling silver pendants or only going to try them, you need to know some important tips on correct choosing these wonderful decorations for them to suit your shape of face, skin color and style in general (read more about how select best sheets

The first tip deals with the size and shape of your face that determines the choice of sterling silver pendants.

Large face: avoid purchasing round sterling silver pendants, but it's recommended to choose large sterling silver pendants or those of triangle or teardrop shape. These will reduce the wide sense of the cheeks.

Round face: you can choose from foil-shaped sterling silver pendants and prolonged sterling silver pendants that will make your face look more oval and mature visually.

Oval face: you can choose almost any shape of sterling silver pendants, however, special attention should be given to the size of the sterling silver pendants. It has to be consistent with the overall feel. The perfect option for women with an oval face are sterling silver pendants that are similar with pearls, circles. They can be also oval-shaped or teardrop-shaped.

Square face: it's advised to choose from elliptical, heart-shaped and flower-shaped sterling silver pendants.

Long face: the tight circular sterling silver pendants will greatly reduce too long face visually.

Heart-shaped face: it's the face with a rather pointed chin. Women having this type of face should choose the pendants with a wider lower part in order to balance the look of a sharp chin. These can be triangular or drop-shaped sterling silver pendants.

Women with a larger lobe can buy fine sterling silver pendants, while those with a smaller lobe should choose somewhat larger sterling silver pendants.

The second tip involves the color of skin. It's also necessary to consider the skin color while choosing sterling silver pendants.

The white man: it's a universal skin color that can be combined with almost any color of pendants including red, olive, light pink, etc. However, you should remember that pale-colored pendants should be avoided if you have a too pale face. Golden is a universal color and will be suitable for any shade of skin color.

The third tip on the right choice of sterling silver pendants deals with the clothing you're going to wear with your pendants.

Dresses are better combined with fringed sterling silver pendants that look very elegant and make a woman more feminine. If you're wearing a dress for a social occasion, select bead sterling silver pendants. These can be spherical or heart-shaped drops with a short metal connector down on the ear.

Loose fitting clothing and coats: avoid spike, irregular-shaped and polygonal sterling silver pendants as they create the superfluous look.

Ethnic clothing: national-styled sterling silver pendants will be the best option, especially if they offer small beads of bright color. These can be also retro sterling silver pendants which vary in length.

The fourth tip has to do with the season and type of occasion you're going to wear your pendants for.

In summer it's recommended to wear sterling silver pendants of light texture, those having an easy-going look. The size of pendants can vary depending on the style of your clothing.

In winter you can choose somewhat heavier pendants which look both steady and chic.

Choosing sterling silver pendants for some special occasion, consider its formality and theme. For instance, if it's just a Christmas party, choose the sterling silver pendants in the shape of a snowman.

Fifth tip deals with the trends of Sterling silver pendants

This year the most popular style of sterling silver pendants is large and small circle sterling silver pendants which are designed according to the personal taste. It should make you look elegant, independent and even somewhat easy-going. Your short curly hair will add charisma to you.

As for the materials from which sterling silver pendants are made, gold, silver, platinum are still in fashion. They can contain semi-precious and precious stones like. It's a wonderful idea to wear colorful silver sterling silver pendants this season.

Summing up, it's necessary to emphasize that if you follow these five tips you'll choose the proper sterling silver pendants which will make you look modern, stylish and unique!